Hereford London
Hereford Square
October 1, 2018
Allen Mansions Kensington

Allen Mansions

Allen Mansions is a luxurious red brick mansion in Kensington that consists of a number of high end, contemporary apartments.

G&O Stone was appointed to completely refurbish the main and secondary entrance halls - opening up the space to give a light, airy and sophisticated feel. Works included full modernisation of the three stairway levels (whilst considering the character of the building) together with new lighting, decoration and flooring throughout.

G&O was also commissioned to renovate the rooftop on the first floor which is used as an access court for the two rear apartment blocks. We turned a dull grey access space into an elegant landscaped garden and a usable tranquil space - something of significant value in the heart of busy Kensington, London.

The new courtyard is made up of decked walkways, green planted ground and potted plants in ornamental bark on three levels. We were also tasked with ensuring that the garage entrance fits with the new look of this beautifully presented building.