Facade restoration

Facade restoration

Facade restoration and refurbishment projects begin with hiring competent, qualified contractors to complete your project. G&O Stone Building Contractors has the skilled workforce and experience to undertake even the most complex of projects.

 We have the skills necessary to undertake all maintenance, cleaning, restoration and refurbishment services, ranging from the smallest repair jobs through to complex exterior “facade” restoration and refurbishments of entire blocks or structures.

 The flexibility and cost effectiveness ideally lends itself to the maintenance, “facade” restoration, refurbishment and cleaning of all types of buildings and structures.

 We can provide varied and extensive specialist services including jet washing, preparation and recoating or complete “facade painting” applications, re-pointing, sealant application, water proofing, window cleaning, rendering, concrete repairs and core drilling. These services are for all types of structures from traditional to modern buildings.

 Do not hesitate to approach us and ask question. We are innovative company looking for best solutions to save you money. We tend to use new products, some of which are not even available in UK yet. We are partnering with various Building products manufacturers to be the first to introduce new methodology and products when it comes to building restoration and maintenance.